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A HEALTH CARE PROXY MANDATE: It’s time? The military do it. Police do it. Firemen do it. Why don’t we do it too?
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shutterstock_149868134For these professions you are required to select someone to speak for you when you cannot in case of a medical crisis. Of course it makes sense because these individuals work at higher-risk jobs than say those of us who work behind a desk or sell merchandise. These brave souls live more on the edge.

But a medical crisis or emergency can happen at any time to any one. So why not be prepared? Why not decide that this mandate is a wise one?


Twitter me your response with this tagline #HCProxy Mandate:

Yes or No for mandating and who should be required to do it.
I’ll tally it up & let you know the results from the responses.

Here’s the beginning of a list of possibilities:

  • Selective service registrants
  • High school students over 18
  • College and university students
  • Hospital staff
  • Licensed healthcare professionals
  • Anyone with health insurance
  • Medicaid and Medicare recipients
  • All federal employees, or state employees, or city/county employees
  • Everyone with a driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, boat owners
  • Medical and law school students

Now this possibility, medical and law school students, could be a good one to start with because advance medical directives are associated with legal and medical choices. Our future doctors and lawyers could insist on selecting a healthcare proxy, an action speaking volumes about its importance of having someone there in the decision making process that knows your wishes for care and could make sure they are honored.

None of these cost much to implement. Some more than others for sure but still, isn’t this cost easier to bear than the cost of not having someone speak on your behalf to say what you want or don’t want for care?


Let me hear from you. Twitter me, @murdockdiane, your response with this tagline #HCProxy Mandate: Yes or No for mandating and say who should be required to do it.

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Posted on October 16, 2013 by Diane Burnside Murdock