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Our online social network is changing how we talk about dying — really!

1_Our online social networkIt’s opening us up to talking about our mortality. Even though illness and death are still very much technically driven, there are now things like blogs, websites, Facebook, and twitter chat that are all about people dealing with dying and serious conditions because they offer a safe space where they can let it out and talk about it.

A few examples of websites where you can share your story are the Conversation Project, What Matters Most, and Compassion and Choices. Illness blogs like CaringBridge and CarePages offer a designated space for you, your family, and friends to keep posted and correspond. And now there’s Vine, a free iPhone app enabling users to create six-second videos for friends and fans, which has huge potential for connecting others with what we are dealing with.

All these avenues help us release what’s going on, what’s painful, and what’s confusing. And what’s most important, I think is the listening to yourself as your sharing all this. It’s therapeutic and helping to figure out choices. It’s supporting this whole idea of knowing yourself and what makes sense to you.

This is getting at advance care planning, taking time to have a talk about how you wish to die and preparing a plan that states your wishes for care when you cannot express them yourself. Two good examples of resources for writing down your wishes are Five Wishes and Caring Connections.

This post is about getting the word out, sharing wishes for care from person to person, from parent to child and child to parent. You can give yourself the gift of being treated the way you want when seriously ill or dying. You can give your family the gift of knowing that the care given is the care wanted. You can do this but only by knowing what you’re about and what makes sense to you.

What do you think? Is there something you want to share with us?

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Posted on May 9, 2013 by Diane Burnside Murdock

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